Intermediates and organic chemical synthesis
and other new materials.

A professional manufacturer
and pharmaceutical intermediates

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R&D of various new intermediates, organic phosphorus and other high-end fine chemicals, control of high-end, internationally leading core technology and industrialization is the company's persistent development direction.

Suzhou Taiyang Chemical Co., Ltd.

Our company is a professional manufacturer and sealer of all kinds of pharmaceutical intermediates. It specialized in the research and innovation, technology development and production capacity of intermediates and organic chemical synthesis and other new materials.

The head office and R&D center are situated in Suhua Science Park. In 2000, the company was evaluated as “Jiangsu high-tech enterprise”.

There are more than 20 researchers including doctor, master, and bachelor. The company is capable of researching and developing new products, optimizing traditional products, and accumulating technologies.



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